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Pittsburgh, PA


Here are some pictures from my glass studio.  Below I'm using my torch with my didymium-coated safety glasses. You can see the ventilation hood above, which is hooked via a metal flexible duct to a plywood blank that goes into the window when I'm torching.  My annealing kiln is on the right, and you can just see the green top of an oxygen tank peeking up from behind the table.  Of course there is lots of glass spread out to give me inspiration!

Below is another view of my workbench, with kiln in the center.  The glass holder on the left is made with PVC pipe and lumber to let me see the glass rods I'm working with.  The mandrels (bottom center) are coated with sludge so the beads will release once they come out of the kiln.

I need to have lots of different types and colors of glass rods to make my beads.  Here's a rolling cart my sweetie made for me to hold the glass.


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